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This will be my 4th pregnancy and 2nd birth with Nicole. I had my first child in a hospital where I was overlooked and in that, many medical mistakes were made in my care. I didn’t feel like I was being taken care of and I never developed a trusting relationship with my OB who didn’t even end up delivering my first. I ended up with an epesiotomy happy dr. whom I had never met. He was in a rush delivering my first and that alone gave me anxiety.

With my next children I knew that there had to be something better out there in regards to child birth. My mom had a home birth with my sister and recommended I look into it. For my 2nd child I decided to try it and fell in love with all that it entailed. When we moved to Ohio a few years ago and I became pregnant, I knew that I needed to find a fully certified midwife. In my searches I came across Nicole. When we first met Nicole I realized fairly quickly that this lady knows her stuff! If I was ever in an emergency during a birth I could trust that she would be my best bet at getting the best care possible. She provides very personalized care, and cares deeply about each momma she takes under her wing.

With my third pregnancy I had a lot of preterm labor symptoms early on and she knew just what supplements to have me take to keep that baby in, not only full term but I ended up going a week over and giving birth to a healthy 8lb baby. The birth was such a positive experience! She had her fantastic assistant Laura come over and we all played cards and had a great time. Had me even questioning if I was actually in labor. The delivery was quick and Nicole knew just what to do when the baby wasn’t coming out quite as it should. Within a few minutes she safely repositioned my son and soon after he was out happy and healthy! Needless to say when I became pregnant with #4 I knew Nicole was the right midwife for the job again. She has treated me like family and that kind of care is so rare in this day and age.

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