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Birth Stories 


I did a lot of research of the pros and cons of having a homebirth before my husband and I had our second child. In my opinion, the pros outweighed the cons

This will be my 4th pregnancy and 2nd birth with Nicole. I had my first child in a hospital where I was overlooked and in that, many medical mistakes were made in my care. 

I contacted Nicole because I wanted a birth with little to no medical interventions and I was very interested in having my baby at home.

When I got pregnant with my third child I knew I wanted a much different experience from the standard medical care and hospital deliveries of my first two children. 

I first started thinking about home birth after I had my third child. I was not happy with most of the policies and procedures done in the hospital and I knew there had to be something better. 

Where to begin. Like so many others we have talked with, our story really begins with the birth of our first child: a disappointing hospital birth representing the “cascade of interventions” 

When I first started thinking about home birth, I reached out to a few people that had home births themselves. It was unanimous that they’d all do it again,

The Birth Story of Anna Kay My journey to my first home birth was one that was led by a great deal of prayer and wisdom. This was our seventh baby,

Wyatt Daniel Shew, born 09/06/16 What a day to remember. 

Birth was, by far, the most incredible thing I have ever experienced. I did not know my body was capable of such intense power. 

I could start this review about Nicole Young and her wonderful team like most people do... singing their praises on the competent...

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