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How many births have you attended? 
Well over 3000 deliveries as well as cover for other midwives in
the area.

Are you available 24 hours a day at all times?
Absolutely, I sleep with my phone and people often text me through the night and all calls are welcome.

How many clients do you generally have due in a 4 week period?
I try to stay in a range of 6 to 8 births a month as to not over book myself and give people great care and have enough time to put into knowing who they are and what they want from their birth experience.

What is the plan if I go into labor while you’re with another laboring client? 

I have experienced midwives who are available to cover for me should this happen. it is extremely rare that this happens.

What is the plan if you are sick or on vacation?
I put another experienced midwife on call for me and let you know ahead of time so you can choose if you still want to retain my services. I usually don’t take on clients if I plan to go out of town.

Have you ever missed a birth? If so, what was the circumstance?
I have only missed a couple births due to not being called in enough time to get there. I usually arrive minutes after to take care of everything. I want to be there for you so, if you call I will come.

Have you ever lost a mother or baby? If so, what was the circumstance?
Though I have been present for a handful of stillbirths, no, I am happy to say I have never lost a mother or baby. I have never even had an injured baby.

Do you have any assistants you bring to the labor? If so, how many?
Yes, I have a team of doulas and midwife assistants. Not everyone will be at your birth, I could have up to 5 assistants with me at your birth. You will be pampered with massages, food, and/or cleaning. 

Do you visit my home at any point before labor?
I do at least one home visit before the birth.

Are you allergic to animals?
No, I am not allergic to animals.

What things do you bring with you to a birth?
I have multiple bags of equipment to include herbs, homeopathics, birth stool, birth ball, life saving equipment, and I have the ability to listen to regular heart tones with a Doppler.  I can answer specific questions at the time of the interview.

Do you file with insurance? Do you have any experience with BCBS?
I do file with some insurances depending which one, I am covered by HSA accounts as well. I also have payment plans available.

What days and times are you in the office for appointments?
I can meet you seven days a week days or evening times available. I encourage husbands to be a part of appointments so whatever works best for your family dynamic.

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