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I provide every client with attentive, caring midwifery services including prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. My clients are treated like family, with love and respect.

See also Lactation Services and Placenta Services

The Vine of Life Advantage:

My goal is to provide the most comprehensive and highest quality service available. I am highly skilled and educated not only in the management of normal pregnancy and birth, but am able to prevent or reverse many common complications through nutrition counselling, herbal supplements, and other proven methods.

I specialize in offering home birth services to those that may be turned away from other providers. I am skilled and experienced in attending many types of births that normally occur in hospital such as twins, VBAC, and breech.

I also file birth certificates and perform neonatal screening (heel prick) for my clients so that they can enjoy their new baby without having to go out of the home for these services.

Ultrasound and other medical services are available through a local cooperating physician.

In the rare event of a transfer to hospital, I go with my clients, and stay by their side the entire time.

I also offer monitrice services for those who prefer or need to birth in a hospital.


Nutrition Counselling

Hormone Imbalance Consultations

Fertility Counselling

Prematurity Prevention

Postpartum Depression Screening and Treatment 

Monitrice Services 

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