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Philosophy of Care

I always strive to put my client first. I will listen carefully to what she and her family want for the upcoming birth. This means that I can be highly involved, or mostly hands off, or anything in between. I take care to tailor my services to each woman.

I believe that birth is a natural process which has become very medicalized in our society. Birth is not a medical emergency, and I believe in respecting the process and only using medical services when necessary.

I look forward to creating a bonded relationship with each of my clients. This helps her and her family to feel comfortable when I arrive for the birth, and also builds trust. When we are already familiar with one another, we can readily work together as a team.

It is a pleasure to serve women in this capacity in order to give them a birth that they can look back on and be happy with. Birth can be really empowering.

Nicole Young

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