This will be my 4th pregnancy and 2nd birth with Nicole. I had my first child in a hospital where I was overlooked and in that, many medical mistakes were made in my care. I didn’t feel like I was being taken care of and I never developed a trusting relationship with my OB who didn’t even end up delivering my first. I ended up with an epesiemotmie happy dr. whom I had never met. He was in a rush delivering my first and that alone gave me anxiety. With my next children I knew that there had to be something better out there in regards to child birth. My mom had a home birth with my sister and recommended I look into it. For my 2nd child I decided to try it and fell in love with all that it entailed. When we moved to Ohio a few years ago and I became pregnant, I knew that I needed to find a fully certified midwife. In my searches I came across Nicole. When we first met Nicole I realized fairly quickly that this lady knows her stuff! If I was ever in an emergency during a birth I could trust that she would be my best bet at getting the best care possible. She provides very personalized care, and cares deeply about each momma she takes under her wing. With my third pregnancy I had a lot of preterm labor symptoms early on and she knew just what supplements to have me take to keep that baby in, not only full term but I ended up going a week over and giving birth to a healthy 8 lb baby. The birth was such a positive experience! She had her fantastic assistant Laura come over and we all played cards and had a great time. Had me even questioning if I was actually in labor. The delivery was quick and Nicole knew just what to do when the baby wasn’t coming out quite as it should. Within a few minutes she safely re-positioned my son and soon after he was out happy and healthy! Needless to say when I became pregnant with #4 I knew Nicole was the right midwife for the job again. She has treated me like family and that kind of care is so rare in this day in age.

We could not have been happier with our home birth with Nicole. Initially we weren't sure if we were ready for a homebirth after having a hospital birth with our first son (which went well in another state) but we knew we wouldn't be able to have the birth we wanted in a hospital here. We found Nicole online and decided to go meet with her and after we spoke and she answered all of our questions, we immediately knew this was right for us. We felt such a sense of peace knowing Nicole's experience and that she would be there for us to help us have the birth experience we desired! The entire pregnancy and experience with her was wonderful and comfortable and relaxed which was amazing. We have another healthy and happy baby boy and I know that our experience bringing him into the world in such a calm + happy setting is why we've transitioned so well into being a family of four! Also, my healing and recovery time was so incredibly short and I felt amazing because of all Nicole does and helps you with. Our birth was more than we could ever have hoped for!


Our care from Nicole and her team of women was an amazing experience and we would not have changed a thing. My husband is a trauma nurse and had complete confidence with Nicole and her team. They never hesitated throughout the entire labor and birthing process and performed like a well oiled machine that never missed a beat. I went into labor around 1:30 in the morning and contacted Nicole immediately. She arrived shortly after we spoke and their team set everything up which allowed my husband to focus all his attention on me and help me through my contractions. We did use the pool which was an amazing comfort through the hardest contractions. A few hours later I gave birth to our son. I had no tearing and received great care and compassion from Nicole and her team even after the birth was finished. We were able to relax in our own home in a comfortable environment from start to finish which was unlike our unfavorable experience in a hospital with our first child. At the hospital we felt rushed and pressured into their timeline and were not able to stick to my birthing plan. The postpartum care I received from Nicole was above and beyond our expectations and unlike anything you can get at a hospital.

Mandy & Raymond   

The choice to birth at home is unique in our society today, but one that no woman should be without. If you are medically and physically able, please, contact Nicole at Vine of Life and give yourself the opportunity to experience the fullness of your birth. So much confidence comes to you from connecting to your instinctive nature. To challenge yourself to endure the contractions, to feel when your body is ready to push, all of this gives you such a powerful advantage compared to a hospital birth, and I've experienced both. The recovery on my body has gone so much smoother at home. And as far as handling any situation that may arise, Nicole is the best. Always prepared for anything, I felt totally at ease and taken care of. No harsh lighting or strangers handling my baby.
Having Nicole present and on call made my partner and I feel supported. She was always quick in her communications with us, non judgmental in her attitude towards our choices, and was medically able to meet our needs as well as provide resources to help us navigate the process on our own terms.
Overall, birthing our daughter Hunter was a beautiful experience. From our decadent herbal baths to our beautifully packaged placenta encapsulation, Nicole delivers in so many ways!

Max and Carrie   

I would definitely recommend Nicole!!! My husband and I are so grateful for Nicole and her team. They were wonderful and we had a successful home birth at 41 weeks. With it being our first pregnancy, we had originally planned for a hospital birth, even though deep down I really wanted to have a home birth, I just hadn't met anyone that I trusted. Most couples might have been stressed out changing the plans at 30 weeks pregnant, but we were so at ease once we met Nicole and knew we would be in great hands. She has so much experience and knowledge of pregnancy, birth, and babies. Her nutritional counseling during pregnancy was terrific as well. After 44 hours of labor, we know we would have had a very different experience if we have gone to the hospital for the delivery, but Nicole's skills really shined. I had no tearing as well!


We used Nicole's services for our second child. I cannot speak highly enough of the care I received. During my prenatal visits, she took time to answer all of my questions and address any concerns I had, which was a completely different experience than I had from my previous medical provider. My birth experience with her was AMAZING!!!! Then the afterbirth care, I cannot speak highly enough! I was honestly treated like a queen!!!! She and her team took care of everything (feeding me, getting a nice bath ready for me to relax, cleaning, laundry, etc), so that i could just recover and enjoy my new baby. As far as I am concerned, she will be delivering the rest of our babies, and I have referred several friends to her as well.


I am so thankful that she used wisdom and she was in tune with the Lord that day, because I was able to have the birth of my dreams. I am forever grateful and thankful for Nicole, her knowledge and all that she did for us that day.


My birth team was amazing. Seriously. Their support and love throughout the whole ordeal was incomparable. I have never felt more cared for in my whole life.


Nicole is such a wonderful, kind, loving, knowledgeable, dedicated, and peaceful women that I wouldn't trust anyone else but her as my midwife. Her staff was over the top with the love and treatment that we received.


Nicole provided me with the perfect homebirth experience and I would use her services again and recommend her services to anyone considering a homebirth option.


Nicole provided me with the perfect homebirth experience and I would use her services again and recommend her services to anyone considering a homebirth option.


I feel so blessed to have Nicole to help me and my family stay healthy and bring my beautiful babies into the world. There is no one else I would trust to go through the whole birthing process with.


We used Nicole Young for our midwife. I delivered a 9lb 13oz baby with zero tearing! Our prenatal, birth & post care experience was perfect! We will be using her again.


My three births were the best, most memorable days of my life. I cant say enough wonderful things about my experience. I wish everyone could enjoy birth and not fear it.


Nicole was instrumental in helping my second pregnancy last until term. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about caring for women and babies.


My husband and I were going to give home birth another shot when I found out I was expecting baby #4 . We do not consider ourselves super alternative but it seemed like the mainstream doctors by and large had a major problem with us doing anything even remotely outside their program or their schedule. On the the other hand, we both like how professional and sort of legit regular doctors are. We like to actually follow the program if we can do so without hurting our family. Compound that with the fact that my labors suddenly feel like a false alarm just before I actually give birth to the point that my husband had to deliver one of my babies!

Anyways, Nicole and the whole vine of life team did a really good job with all of my concerns. many or all of them have government certifications. They are professional and orderly when they work together! Nicole's years of experience helped her see how close to labor I was even though I myself didn't realize that I was minutes away from birth. Nicole is also very knowledgeable about herbal medicine. Post birth they prepared an herbal bath, a  spicy tea and even medicinal underwear pads! They respect your privacy and personal space if you are that sort of person. The baby was healthy and I notice that the two babies born at home were a little more calm compared to the ones born in the hospital. I like to keep my typing short and sweet so to sum it up it was just a very good experience and convinced me to search for more open minded caregivers in general. My husband and I thank you!



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