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When I got pregnant with my third child I knew I wanted a much different experience from the standard medical care and hospital deliveries of my first two children. I did my research and chose Nicole to be my midwife and never looked back.

Prenatal appointments were so much more relaxing and it was nice to know Nicole was only a phone call away if I needed anything. When the day came that I went into labor I called Nicole and she quickly called her amazing team and sent them my way. My labor was faster than I ever expected and I was so thankful I was taken seriously and no one hesitated to get to my house. As soon as each assistant arrived they got right to work getting me taken care of and setting up my room. I very quickly progressed and was mentally overwhelmed by how fast things were moving, but each assistant was such a reassuring presence and kept me calm. They were exactly what I needed. I got in the birthing tub and felt so loved and taken care of. Within thirty minutes of getting in the tub I was ready to push and Nicole had not yet arrived (it had been less than an hour since I called her). But I had complete trust in her team. Nicole walked in just in time to be there for the birth of our baby boy. She also reassured me I was doing great and our baby would be here any minute.

It was the most beautiful experience ever to have his birth left completely undisturbed and let my body do what it was created to do. The team immediately placed him in my arms and he went straight to sleep. This moment was so peaceful, nothing like what I had experienced in the hospital with my first two babies. I sat in the tub and my husband and I stared at him in awe. No one was in a rush to steal him from me to do unnecessary things like weigh him. It was clear he was in no distress and Momma’s arms were the best place for him.

After the birth was over and we had some more bonding time, our baby was then given a good assessment. Next someone got an herbal bath ready for me and assisted me in to relax. Meanwhile, the rest of the team was busy cleaning every single thing up, including doing the laundry. They also cooked my family a delicious breakfast! We were truly pampered by these wonderful ladies. When everyone left you would have never known we just had a baby in the house. The only sign was the precious baby boy in our arms. Overall, this experience was even better than I ever imagined. We still want another child, and I will definitely be contacting Nicole again if we become pregnant again!

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