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I first started thinking about home birth after I had my third child. I was not happy with most of the policies and procedures done in the hospital and I knew there had to be something better.

When we got pregnant with our fourth child, I talked to a couple midwives before Nicole, but I felt such a connection with Nicole even just on the phone. She was genuinely thrilled to be my midwife. We left our first appointment with her totally excited at the thought of having our baby at home. It’s so much more personal, and Nicole knows her stuff so I was confident in the safety of a home birth. We had a beautiful home birth for our fourth child and knew we wanted to have Nicole again for our fifth.

Having our fifth (and last) child at home was such an amazing experience thanks to Nicole and her team. I started having regular contractions around 2 am on August 25th. I gave birth to Juliet 13 hours later. I was able to labor comfortably in my own home being pampered by my husband and Nicole’s team.

There is nothing better than trusting your body and letting it bring your baby earth side naturally, and the relief and pride when all your hard work is done.
For me, the best part of home birth is after the birth. Nothing beats being in your own bed, having an herbal bath ready and waiting, and just being able to snuggle with your newest babe without having to leave all my other babies.

Nicole’s team was so spectacular, each knowing their role and leaving my house spotless when they left. The experience is unmatched and you most certainly won’t find it in any hospital. I am eternally grateful for Nicole and would highly recommend her to anyone considering home birth.

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