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Wyatt Daniel Shew, born 09/06/16

What a day to remember.

Wyatt made his way into this world hearing the words spoken of God’s love aloud as he was coming out into this world. What a miraculous birth.

I was 37-1/2 weeks pregnant when we experienced my water breaking in the middle of the night. It was Sunday 09/04 and Nicole was sent a text message immediately. She responded very calmly to my text to return back to bed and get some rest that she would be in contact with me in the morning. I didn’t experience any contractions so we thought I was in false labor.

On Tuesday 09/06/16 I was suggested to rest in bed, as my water had broken. Nicole directed me to relax and to go take a nap. When I woke from my nap my contractions had started and my Doula was contacted. There was someone at my house within 20 min to come check on me. It was determined that I was in active labor and in 4 hrs we had a baby boy “Wyatt”.

My husband and I didn’t know what to expect as this was our first child, and only know not even a handful of people that have had a home birth. If God blesses us with another pregnancy Nicole will be my 2nd text message to get on her calendar. She is such a wonderful, kind, loving, knowledgeable, dedicated, and peaceful women that I wouldn’t trust anyone else but her as my midwife. Her staff was over the top with the love and treatment that we received. My friends had births at the same time and continued to speak of their horror stories and wouldn’t believe that I even had a home birth but then didn’t want to listen of the experience that we had. My husband is my witness that you can birth without fear. Never once did I doubt my labor or the birth and therefore I was able to experience such a peace with the whole labor and delivery process. I thank Nicole and her staff for the preparation that they also gave my husband and I. I was so mentally prepared that I was able to be focused and listen to anything they were directed me to do.

I can’t thank Nicole enough, what joy this new life has brought to my life. This could have never been possible without god putting you into our lives.

God bless.

We love Nicole
Melinda, Bobby and Wyatt Shew

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