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Anna Kay

My journey to my first home birth was one that was led by a great deal of prayer and wisdom. This was our seventh baby, four already on earth and two angel babies in Heaven. We knew after two consecutive losses that the miracle that life is can never be taken for granted. That was when my husband and I decided after several hospital/high intervention births, we wanted an experience bringing Anna into the world that was not only best for her well-being but a spiritual one that can only exemplify the miracle that life is. After several high recommendations from trusted friends we came to find Nicole. From the moment we met Nicole, we felt our path and means to it were fused and truly knew with Nicole’s expertise and heart for women we felt completely at peace.

August 5th 2017 was the first Home Birth Pot luck at Nicole’s that I was going to attend. I was elated to finally go and had felt great that day knowing I would be surrounded by like-minded women that could help to empower and encourage me on this road. Little did I know, two hours before it started, labor would begin and I would soon be hosting the party at my house ending in the glorious entrance of Anna Kay into the world! I had been pretty active that day and after running around with my three year old for quite a bit, we decided to come inside and rest. Contractions started strong right at 5 minutes apart and lasting 30-45 seconds. My husband was on his way home from work and when he called I told him that I thought it was time. He came home and prepared the birthing pool in the morning room and I went up to my room to relax in the bath and lay down to rest for awhile. Contractions remained strong over the next hour and that’s when I had to interrupt the party. Nicole consoled me right away and said they would be there as soon as they could. Laura and Ainsley arrived and Nicole shortly after. Right away the girls went to work in making all the preparations. I had never felt so loved and cared for than that night. From the moment they arrived, everything was set at ease and I could feel the Spirit of God ever so present in the room. Labor had been in full swing by that point and for me, I was expecting to be crying out for that epidural by that time. But the Lord was faithful, by trusting completely in Him and this path He had led us on, and using the blessed hands of these women, my pain was minimal and gloriously greeted. I had never felt better about accepting the pain. The certainty of our healthy baby was complete and all fear had been casted aside.

My children were all present at my side, encouraging me through scripture and their touch was music to my soul. My husband was so wonderful the whole evening. Through each contraction that he held me through, every position change, in and out of the water, eating this, drinking that, I had 100 percent of his attentiveness. His love for me grew that night and mine was reciprocated. The love and support from all of Nicole’s wonderful assistants was felt every minute.
Not knowing what to experience next in laboring (I had always had an epidural prior to transitioning) I knew when that transition period had occurred, not by the increase in pain but by the urgency I felt in her impending arrival…I knew it would be soon. Although the pool was so relaxing and helped greatly with the pain, the standing and swaying at my kitchen island, praise music in the background, singing and worshipping with Nicole and my family, was where the most spiritual and physical ground breaking change was made. However I knew I wanted to deliver in the water. After Nicole had checked me and I was fully dilated around 11pm, I headed for the water. I wasn’t sure about when I was to push. I kept thinking that I would have an overwhelming urge to push but I did not. I finally decided I was going to start pushing. I could soon feel her move down. This was a sensation I had never experienced before. It was glorious! Nicole helped to empower my husband to deliver Anna. After pushing enough, I could feel her head. What a beautiful moment. One more push and I felt her whole body come down and out into the world she came! 1:15am! As soon as she was brought out of the water by both my husband’s and my hands she cried such a beautiful sound. I brought her to my chest and we all cheered and cried and praised our Lord Jesus we had done it! With my family by my side, my mother holding my hand, Laura, Nicole, Ainsley at my side, WE had done it. The Lord was faithful! I got out the pool after I delivered the placenta, baby already nursing, loving women and my wonderful husband by my side. Anna weighed 7lbs 9oz and 19 inches long. She is made perfect in His image and I first and foremost thanked the Lord for His faithfulness. For without Him I am nothing and without Him we have nothing.

I was assisted up to a relaxing herbal bath prepared by Jasmine and made food by Ainsley. After a relaxing and soothing bath I climbed in my wonderful bed with my family at my side and my baby on my chest. Nicole prayed with me and comforted me. All was right and well in the world. Anna was here and was perfect and healthy. Our journey was a beautiful one! Thank you Nicole, Laura, Ainsley and all the other women who made that night so perfect and wonderful. I will never forget these moments. Your love and tenderness will forever be in my memory.

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