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When I first started thinking about home birth, I reached out to a few people that had home births themselves. It was unanimous that they’d all do it again, and three of them had been Nicole’s clients. They highly recommended her.

After meeting with Nicole and asking a million questions, I felt at peace with the decision to go this way. I was actually looking forward to the birth!

My other two children were born in a hospital, the first under doctor care and the second under a midwife in an OBGYN/midwife practice. Neither were horrible experiences, but there were a few things that I wished had gone differently. I had always wanted a natural birth but with my first two the support was not in place and when offered an epidural, I took it. I also loved the idea of recovering right away in the comfort of my own home.

The day after my due date, I knew things had changed. I knew labor was near but my contractions (which I’d had for weeks before this) were not progressing. Sunday evening while making dinner, I noticed the increase in pain. I wasn’t sure if this was it, but we had the grandparents take the kids after a quick dinner, just in case.

I let Nicole know that my contractions were increasing but I was still walking around and smiling, so I didn’t think she needed to come just yet. I got in the shower to relax a little, but while there the contractions got more painful. When I got out, I told my husband I thought Nicole should come. But he’d already asked her to come, both of them knowing how fast my last labor was. My husband was very supportive of a home birth, but he did not want to deliver the baby by himself!

He started filling up the labor pool and also held me during the contractions as they were progressing quickly.

Nicole and her team of wonderful ladies arrived and got right to work. They helped me into the pool, encouraged me through contractions, got me drinks and cold compresses, just to name a few things. I wasn’t in the pool long before my water broke. It had some meconium in it. I also felt the need to push. They got me out of the pool (in case they needed to help the baby right after delivery because of the meconium) and onto the couch. I started pushing a minute after, with lots of encouragement from everyone. I was at the point where I didn’t think I could do it and I needed those encouragements so much.

I didn’t push long before baby was out. Nicole worked calmly and quickly as she unwrapped the cord from around the baby and suctioned his mouth. He was up on my chest and crying right away. It was such a relief and joy to finally see my baby boy!

After a bit, Nicole and her team made up an herbal bath in the pool for me which was so relaxing. Hubby held the baby and they did the newborn exam. He was beautiful! 8lbs 14oz!

They stayed and chatted with us, got me food and comfortable on the couch, such a different experience from the hospital with rushing bodies and impersonal interruptions.

After cleaning everything up, taking down the pool, and making sure we were all well and comfortable, the team left us for the night. It was luxurious to be in my own home!

We had a few follow up visits with Nicole after the baby was born, and every visit was great. Nicole is professional yet personal, knowledgeable and nurturing. I will definitely be going to Nicole again in the future!

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