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Where to begin. Like so many others we have talked with, our story really begins with the birth of our first child: a disappointing hospital birth representing the “cascade of interventions” that have become the norm in our society. Prenatal “care” (and I use the term “care” lightly) within the medical model was far from caring. I learned nothing about prenatal care (either for myself or my growing child) during those very brief prenatal appointments. The birth experience within this medical model also was cold and disconnected. I didn’t trust my providers. I didn’t feel safe. I experienced the common coercion that accompanies hospital births when attended by those without training in natural childbirth. Recovery was horrendous (and I cannot stress that enough). I didn’t feel “normal” for months (and, again, I use the term “normal” lightly). The “reconstruction” preformed post-birth was abysmal, so normalcy never really surfaced. Postnatal “care” was nonexistent. The whole experience was terrible.

Fast-forward to the homebirth of our second child: the natural, unmedicated birth that I believe all women and babies deserve. Nicole’s prenatal care was truly unparalleled. I learned so much about how to care for myself and my growing child during this pregnancy. Longstanding concerns that OBGYN’s simply regarded as “normal” were instantly resolved under Nicole’s care. Five weeks postpartum and I still find myself in awe of our birth experience. I love talking about it. I love thinking about it. I have not one bad memory. I had complete trust in Nicole and her team. I felt entirely safe and supported from beginning to end. Recovery was amazing! Imagine that! Nicole voluntarily repaired the botched reconstruction left by the OBGYN, and today I am actually back to normal. Postpartum care with Nicole is something of an enigma: home visits, gifts, laughter, around-the-clock communication, etc. And…I am still learning. She offers a wealth of knowledge.

My husband and I know that God brought Nicole into our lives for the birth of our second child. We’re so very grateful to her and her team for allowing us to experience birth the way God intended for it to be experienced. Should we decide to have another child in the future, we can only hope that Nicole isn’t already booked full during our birth month. May she continue to bless others as she has blessed us, and may more and more families get to experience the beauty surrounding childbirth.

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